Davids of New France

Fortress of Louisbourg 1744 by Lewis Parker

The Davids of New France website is a geneaological collaberative project offered by and to all French descendents of Jean Pierre David dit Saint Michel and the descendents of his ancestors throughout Nouvelle France (New France) as well as the seat of his and our origin, France. It is the mission of this website to provide, as factual as possible, an account of the lives and times of our David (phonetic pronunciation \'dah-veed\) ancestors.

Jean Pierre David dit Saint Michel was a master blacksmith for the King of France, Louis XV, at the Fortress of Louisbourg from the early 1720's to the late 1750's. He was born between 1699 and 1700 in the Parish of Saint Nazaire, Diocese of Nantes, Lorie-Inférieure, Bretagne, France. Jean Pierre's family life story is so very much akin to the true life stories that are told over and over again of all French descendent and Acadian families that migrated from France to the new world in the 17th and 18th centuries. There, in Nouvelle France, they prospered, applied their trades and raisied large families. However though they were a peace minded people, they would also suffer great losses of life and property at the hands of the British Empire.

Hopefully, Davids of New France will evolve as a portal back and forward in time, beyond and after, the 17th century to discover all that is known and recorded of this David dit Saint Michel family and their French origin. It is the intent of this website to not only provide names, dates and places of the life events of our ancestors but attempt to piece together historical information uncovered in primary and secondary source records, as well as transcriptions, translations, extracts and/or abstracts of those source documents to tell their life stories.

In addition, this website will provide the opportunity for, and encourage, fellow genealogist to submit, share and exchange the results of their David family research and actively participate in this project.

The key to the success of this project is that it must be based on sourced or citationed information gathered from original historical documents. However, since a day-by-day recorded account of our ancestors' life stories is unavailable, assumptions of life events may be made based on what historical information is available and can be logically pieced together. In every case, when assumptions are portrayed, they will be duly noted.

It is the intent of this website to be dynamic, and a constantly evolving historical account of our ancestor's lives as new and old information is uncovered and/or verified.

To set the stage for your experience throughout the Davids of New France website, you may wish to reminisce with us back in time for a moment through early French Canadian history illustrated via the wonderfull resource website, Archives Canada-France and its Nouvelle France - New Horizons On French Soil in Americaexhibition.

Finally, this website is currently in a state of development, and in some cases, content will be incomplete and require further proofing. Please accept our appologies in this matter. As the 1st phase of this project is completed, we will post a notice on the website.

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