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The Risk Profile ReportTM

The Risk Profile ReportTM is designed to assess issues such as credit or investment risk inherent in determining the character and capacity of individuals and businesses with whom 1stWEST's clients are dealing.  The Risk Profile ReportTM is particularly valuable to lenders, private equity and venture capital investors and those involved in critical hiring decisions.

The "Standard" Risk Profile ReportTM is a due-diligence report designed to assess possible contingent liability risk issues by researching, through public records, the backgrounds, histories and current financial status of companies and their principals. This Report provides information and insight not available through traditional business or personal credit reports, including:

  • General Information Verification
  • Business Affiliations
  • National and International Media References
  • Civil Litigation Histories
  • Criminal Litigation Histories
  • Judgments, Tax Liens, Bankruptcies
  • Identification and Verification of Real Property
  • UCC Financing Statement Searches
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) List Search
  • Standard Industry Credit Report

An "Expanded" Risk Profile ReportTM includes the following additional features:

  • Reference Verification
  • Education and Certification Verification
  • Employment and Professional Resume Verification
  • SEC and FINRA Sanction/Disciplinary Action Search

The services described above are available in two levels of investigation.  The Level 1 Risk Profile ReportTM covers a 7-10 year history for civil and criminal litigation, judgments, liens and bankruptcies.  The Level 2 Risk Profile ReportTM is the most comprehensive investigation available, covering a full 10-20 year history (unless otherwise requested or limited by state laws or statutes).

The Risk Profile ReportTM provides coverage in the United States, Canada and many countries internationally.  A report can be customized in its content and format to meet our clients' specific needs and requirements.

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