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Marie Latetia David

New Iberia, Louisiana, Iberia Parish


Marie Latetia David, 2nd daughter and 4th child of Paul Helaire David I and Josephine Langlinais, was born on 20 June 1851 in New Iberia, Louisiana, Iberia Parish. She was baptized on 21 June 1851 at Saint Peter's Catholic Church, New Iberia, Louisiana by Father J. Blin. Her sponsors were William Robert and Euphemie Langine.

Birth Primary Source: Saint Peter's Catholic Church register, v. 1, p. 142, n. 2.
Birth Secondary Source: Southeast Louisiana Church and Civil Records, v. 5, (1848-1854) by Rev. Donald J Hebert, p. 146, "DAVID, Marie Latetia (Hilaire & Josephine LANGLINET) b. 20 June 1851 (NI Ch.: v. 1, p. 142)"


1851 to 1854

Youngsville, Louisiana, Lafayette Parish

1854 to TBD

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