The Capture of Louisbourg, 1745 by Peter Monamy

The Resources webpage provides the Internet links to genealogy websites that have have provide extensive research material that contribute to the success of the Davids of New France website. These website links not only provide access to French, French-Canadian and Acadian genealogy associations websites but also include access to a number of primary and secondary archival repository websites. It is at these archival repository websites that the real jewels of genealogy research may be discovered, images of the original primary source documents of ancestor births, baptisms, marriages, deaths, burials, census records, ships passenger manifests, property records, etc. may be located.

Since utilizing and navigating these repository websites can be very tedious and time consuming, we will attempt to share with you the tricks we have learned during the countless hours we have spend researching for source information at these sites.

Genealogy Archival and Library Repository Resources

Archives Canada-France (English & French)
    History of French Land in America
    Databases Portal

    Search Tool

Archives Nationales (French)
    Archives nationales d'outre-mer - Database Portal

    Search Tool

Fortress of Louisbourg Institute (English & French)
    Databases Portal

    Domestic and Military Properties and Associated Features

Library and Archives of Canada (English & French)
    Library Search

    Archives Search

    Ancestor Search

    ArchivalNet: Maps, Plans and Charts Search

    Website Search

FamilySearch - Quebec, Catholic Parish Registers, 1621-1900 Databases Portal (English)
    Browse by Quebec Cities
    Browse by Quebec City Church Parishes
    Browse by other Countries

Les Archives départementales de Loire-Atlantique - Includes Nantes, France (French)
    Online Archives Log In (This website requires online registration for free online access)

    Databases Portal including Church Parish Registries and Civil Records - Online Search Tool

Archives Municipales de Nantes (French)
    Databases Portal

    Church Parish Registries - Online Search Tool

    Civil Records - Online Search Tool

Les Archives départementales d'Ille-et-Vilaine - Includes Saint Malo and Saint Servan, France (French)
    Online Archives

    Databases Portal including Church Parish Registries and Civil Records - Online Search Tool

Les Archives La Charente Maritime - Includes La Rochelle and Rochefort, France (French)
    Online Archives

    Databases Portal including Church Parish Registries and Civil Records - Online Search Tool

Le Programme de recherche en démographie historique (PRDH) (English & French)
    Databases Portal

    Public access to the genealogy Database

Québec Genealogy Records Online (English)

Bibliotheque et Archives Nationales du Quebec(English & French) (English & French)
    Online Resources

    Collections Portal

Nova Scotia GenWeb Project (English & French)

GénéInfo - France Departmental Archives Links (French)

Genealogy Acadian, Acadian-Cajun and Acadian-French Websites

    Acadian Genealogy Home
    Acadian-Cajun Genealogy and History
    Acadian & French Canadian Ancestral Home

Genealogy DNA Projects

    DNA-Genealogy-History: A Search for Identity - Revisiting Anne Marie: How an Amerindian Woman
            of Seventeenth-Century Nova Scotia and a DNA Match Redefine American Heritage

    Family Heritage Research Community
    AmerIndian Ancestry Out of Acadia DNA Project
    Acadian & French Canadian Ancestral Home: mtDNA Proven Origins
    GeneaNet: DNA Forum

David Genealogy Websites

    Acadians in Gray: Acadians Who Found Refuge in Louisiana, February 1764-early 1800s - DAVID
    Angelfire: Descendants of Pierre Louis Victor David

David Genealogy Research Forums

    GenForum: David Family Genealogy Forum
    GeneaNet: DAVID Forum
    GeneaNet: Family Forum
    Louisiana Genealogy David Forum
    David Surname Resource Center

Genealogy Research Websites

    Surname Genealogy Search Family History
    RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project Global Search

Genealogy French, French-Canadian and Acadian Genealogy Associations

    American-Canadian Genealogical Society
    American-French Genealogical Society
    Généalogie des Français d'Amérique du Nord
    Krause House Info-Research Solutions
    Krause House Info-Research Solutions - Historical Reports

Migrations, Ships & Passenger Manifests

    The Chronology of the Deportations and Migrations of the Acadians 1755 - 1816 by Paul Delaney
    Cornwallis Ships to Halifax - 1749

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